Understanding Spray Foam as Insulation


You may be considering opting in to the NB Power grants available to upgrade your insulation in your home in the coming months. The friendly service providers at Advantage Insulation thought it could be beneficial to understand what spray foam insulation brings to the homeowner's table. To read more about the available NB Grants you

Understanding Spray Foam as Insulation2018-01-06T20:21:41-04:00

5 Ways a New Roof Can Save you Money


A new roof is an investment. It protects your house, your loved ones and belongings from the outside elements. Yes, the average cost to replace a roof is more than $10,000. But did you know that a new roof could also save you money on your homeowners' insurance and/or taxes? Let me explain. 1. Upgraded underlayment for moisture protection The protective layer

5 Ways a New Roof Can Save you Money2022-02-02T09:11:24-04:00
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