NB Concrete Lifting

Slabjacking process

When it comes to concrete lifting, Advantage Insulators can help!

The professionals at Advantage Insulators want to educate you about the foam that lifts your sagging concrete back into place after it has settled and cracked. This is the type of repair that makes a huge difference for a reasonably small cost. By slabjcking, or injecting polyurethane foam into the area below the concrete itself, it lifts it back to where it belongs and can be driven on or walked on immediately. This advanced repair method now costs half or less than half of most of the other common ways to replace or repair your problematic concrete.

Advantage Insulators has already done repairs to any kind of concrete that you can think of: everything from sports courts, business complexes, hospital hallways, walkways, driveways, staircases both indoors and outdoors, back and front patios and porches, garage pads and sidewalks. Concrete usually starts to sag post-construction of a new home and it continues to settle and is actually quite common in New Brunswick. The soil types in New Brunswick have a lot of moisture in the ground and the ground settles after some time.

Certainly some repairs can be attempted at home, Advantage Insulators are happy to prepare your projects-gone-wrong! Take action on this outstanding repair on your property today and let Advantage insulators quote your job today!