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Whether it’s a new home you’re planning a move for, or remodeling plans for your current home, it’s extremely important you give your house adequate insulation. There are several options available and consumers like you want to make the right decision. There are definitely a number of products that are pocket-friendly but in the long run ultimately are not the right solution.

If you’ve considered spray foam insulation then it’s helpful to understand certain facts about the product.  Spray foam insulation is one of the best options out there when talking about home insulation. Not to mention the long-term savings advantage spray foam will give you.

What exactly, is spray foam insulation? It’s a synthetic material that is produced from a combination of inorganic and organic materials with chemicals that are combined together.  A combination of an organic resin polysol and isocyonate, it forms a type of material that is created at a certain temperature and pressure conditions to produce a polyurethane material through a chemical reaction.  These materials have a unique way of expanding themselves to create a larger size to about 100 times its original volume, filling the smallest of spaces. Eventually, this foam becomes stiff and hardens itself after applied to all spaces it’s applied to, and thereby creating a thermal cover.

This is a highly effective way of forming a barrier that provides insulation inside the walls of your home. In turn, this created airflow obstruction to the spray foam insulation that has been applied in gaps in concrete, wall cavities, drywall and sheathing interior. This insulation takes up mold which prevents such conditions happening inside your home; saving you from immeasurable hassles of replacing walls, etc. It can also offer foundation strengthening which in turn creates a practical, sturdy home.

What makes spray foam an efficient insulator?

Spray foams’ application process can be completed in a very brief period of time. It sets quickly!

Application of spray foam is done easily by the professionals at Advantage Insulation and does not require precise cutting afterwards.

Expanding spray foam fills each space it’s shot into in its entirety. Therefore, the insulation is watertight and airtight, creating a fantastic seal.

Insulation via spray foam is sensible, and cost-effective. It will keep homes warm during the winter months, and helps with cooling in the summer months.