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Spray Foam Roofing


A video showing how we use spray foam for insulating flat roofs. The Elmwood Plaza reno almost complete, and looking awesome we might add, receiving its new foam roofing system this week. Our spray tech Stephane doing what he does best, laying down the foam, and saying goodbye to the leaks!

Spray Foam Roofing2017-07-25T16:41:38-03:00

Concrete Lifting / Slab Jacking in Action!


Concrete lifting, commonly referred to as "slabjacking"; is the process of either raising concrete slabs or filling voids under them, or both, by pressure injecting cementitious or noncementitious materials under the slabs.

Concrete Lifting / Slab Jacking in Action!2017-07-24T18:03:13-03:00
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