A new roof is an investment. It protects your house, your loved ones and belongings from the outside elements. Yes, the average cost to replace a roof is more than $10,000. But did you know that a new roof could also save you money on your homeowners’ insurance and/or taxes? Let me explain.

1. Upgraded underlayment for moisture protection

The protective layer underneath the shingles is called underlayment. An upgraded synthetic-type called “peel and stick” could save you money with your homeowner’s insurance. It acts as a secondary moisture barrier, further protecting the wood below the shingles.

2. Hurricane straps to securely attach roof

Depending on the age of your home, the method in which your roof was attached to the exterior wall can have an impact on your insurance premium as well.

3. Increased shingle wind rating

The wind ratings of shingles have increased dramatically over the past 10 years. In the middle to late 1990s, you couldn’t find shingles rated for more than 65-mph winds. Now, with new studies and technologies, shingles can resist up to 130-mph winds. The higher the wind rating, the better.

4. Comply with current building codes

Replacing your roof often brings standards up to current code. This too can have a positive impact on home insurance rates. It also helps assure your safety.

5. Invest in Energy Star shingles

Some shingle colors offered by roofing manufacturers are Energy Star-rated. These shingle colors offer a “cool” roofing system, which means they are highly reflective shingles and can help reduce temperatures in your attic, allowing your home to stay cooler in the summer.

In addition, you could potentially get a tax credit. Be sure to consult with your insurance agent and/or tax accountant for your specific savings opportunities.

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Source: Angie’s List