Fireproofing Insulation

Fireproof your home or business with fireproof insulation.

Having a fire in your home or business is a devastating thing to have happen. How can you prevent fire from destroying your home or place of business? Through quality fireproofing handled by fireproofing professionals.

Advantage Insulators are your local fire proofing professionals. We use spray-on fireproofing methods, which involves the spraying of various products onto construction materials to improve resistance to fire while decreasing chances of weakening, burning or melting under extreme heat.

We apply fireproofing materials directly to steel beams, roof and floor assemblies, columns, concrete services, and joists in both industrial and commercial environments. We can determine exactly the right amount of spray-on fireproofing needed, depending on the weight, size and type of structure to which it will be applied.


We use DC315 applied over Spray Polyurethane Foam which provides a thermal barrier.

Competitive advantages of using DC315 for fireproof insulation include:

  • DC315 is the only 3rd party inspected fire protective coating for SPF
  • Marked and listed by Warnock Hersey Intertek W/N 20947.
  • Single coat coverage reducing labor and material costs equaling higher profits.
  • Industry leading spread rate.
  • Passed CAL 1350 – safe for use in schools and high occupancy buildings.
  • Passed strict EPA — V.O.C. and AQMD air emission requirements.
  • Approved for Incidental Food Contact complies with NSF/ANS1-51 requirements of USDA.
  • Easily applied with a sprayer, roller, or brush with no complicated mixing.
  • Fast and easy clean-up, with no waste and fast turnaround time.
  • Compatible with any paintable construction material.
  • Meets Life Safety Code 101.
  • Meets LEED’s point requirements.
  • No formaldehyd.
fireproof insulation

Basic Uses

  • Spray-applied fireproofing for use over rigid structural substrates such as open web steel joists, beams, columns, floor/ceiling assemblies and exterior or partition wall units.
  • Thermal insulation for prefabricated metal buildings, corrugated metal roof assemblies, underside of concrete slabs and masonry or metal wall assemblies.
  • Spray-applied acoustical treatment for ceilings and upper walls in noisy production areas or in large rooms such as gymnasiums or swimming pools where both sound absorption and aesthetic enhancement is desired.
  • Spray-applied treatment to provide condensation control on exposed structural components that are in contact with cold exterior surfaces.

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