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Tips to improve your home’s energy efficiency


The cool weather is a great reminder to improve cost effective energy in your home before winter is officially here- time to improve your home's energy efficiency! According to the Department of Energy heating homes uses more energy and costs more money than any other system in the homemaking up about 42% of a utility

Tips to improve your home’s energy efficiency2017-11-18T16:15:57-04:00

NB Heating Blues? NB Grants now available!


New Brunswick heating costs make you cringe? Owners of electrically heated homes in New Brunswick can now participate in the Home Insulation Energy Savings Program by arranging a home energy evaluation for $99 plus HST. Program participants who do a major insulation upgrade are now also eligible for a $500 bonus for each ductless heat

NB Heating Blues? NB Grants now available!2022-02-02T09:15:01-04:00

New Brunswick Insulation ** Dress your house for winter!


New Brunswick insulation grants are available and winter approaches! Even though we have enjoyed unusually mild weather through much of the fall, the time to dig out warm coats and fire up the furnaces is upon us. Which also means heating bills aren’t far off. As heating costs are your largest home energy expense, make

New Brunswick Insulation ** Dress your house for winter!2017-11-18T15:46:18-04:00

5 Ways a New Roof Can Save you Money


A new roof is an investment. It protects your house, your loved ones and belongings from the outside elements. Yes, the average cost to replace a roof is more than $10,000. But did you know that a new roof could also save you money on your homeowners' insurance and/or taxes? Let me explain. 1. Upgraded underlayment for moisture protection The protective layer

5 Ways a New Roof Can Save you Money2022-02-02T09:11:24-04:00

Insulating yourself for the coming Winter with Energy saving Tips


Here's are some energy-saving tips, as winter is just around the corner: Check caulking around windows and doorframes for leaks and fill them. Inspect seals around doors and windows and add new weather stripping as necessary — if you can slide a dollar bill easily through the gap you are losing heat, energy and money. Think

Insulating yourself for the coming Winter with Energy saving Tips2017-10-02T21:29:41-03:00

The Benefits to Slabjacking


Slab Jacking with Lighter Material Prevents Further Sinking We are often asked what are the biggest advantages of lifting settled concrete slabs with polyurethane foam vs. cement grout.  One of the biggest advantages is the weight.  Depending on the product, the density of structural polyurethane lifting foam is between 3 ½ and 5 pounds per

The Benefits to Slabjacking2017-09-29T10:01:45-03:00

Why Choose Spray Foam Roofing?


Savings, performance, and durability, put spray foam roofing ahead of the pack. Choosing a new roofing system can feel like a complicated process. It doesn’t have to be. As the products and technology available in the roofing industry have evolved, there is one clear frontrunner that allows you to maximize savings and performance over the

Why Choose Spray Foam Roofing?2017-09-22T20:25:35-03:00

The Largest Air Leak you May Not Be Aware of in your Home


Despite it still being summer outside, some of us are already thinking ahead to winter. Have you caulked windows and replaced weatherstripping on your doors? Good for you. But if you think you’ve sealed up all your air leaks, you’re in for a shock. The biggest air leak in your home is right under your nose. Or,

The Largest Air Leak you May Not Be Aware of in your Home2017-08-29T21:28:46-03:00

Hurricane winds meet their match in our Spray Foam Roofing Process-Advantage Insulators


Advantage Insulators offers spray foam roofing solutions for commercial and residential flat roofs throughout New Brunswick including Moncton, Saint John, Fredericton and surrounding areas. The Advantage Insulators Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Insulation Roofing, when used with specific elastomeric coatings, creates a complete roofing system that insulates, protects, reduces potential of leaks, adds structural support to the

Hurricane winds meet their match in our Spray Foam Roofing Process-Advantage Insulators2017-08-29T18:34:11-03:00

Advantage Insulators- Your NB Slabjacking Experts


Slab jacking looks deceptively simple, and to many homeowners it appears to be the "magic bullet" they need to repair their foundations. Slab jacking, in brief, means to lift one side of a concrete slab from below to re-level that slab.  While this idea sounds attractive--no breaking up and disposal of concrete required--it is not

Advantage Insulators- Your NB Slabjacking Experts2017-08-12T21:12:46-03:00
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